looking for some references to know how to draw structure, mep drawings...


hello everyone.

i am designing a house with concrete foundation, it has 2 floors.

i am told to draw 3 things.
- structural plan
- structural section
- mep plan 

it is a regular wood building with concrete foundation and slab, nothing fancy.

i have been looking for references so i can start "learning" how to draw it, and unfortunately, due to my inexperience, i am having a hard time know which reference drawings i should be looking at. 

can anyone be so kind to provide me some samples for me to look at...

thanks in advance

Feb 12, 19 1:07 am


Feb 12, 19 1:17 am
Non Sequitur

ask your professor. 

Feb 12, 19 5:48 am

thanks for working out your mouth for me

Non Sequitur

No problem. Hope it helps.


Let me do your research for you....stand by!!!

Feb 12, 19 3:08 pm

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