The most important things to know and consider before applying to a gaduate school


Hi! People!

I am an international student majoring in interior design (2nd year) in one of art college in FL, who wants to master architect. 

I am recently researching on graduate schools to get an architecture degree, March 1. So, I have thought of several points that made myself think of how should I come up with making a decision.

-Location of schools (Cost of living / city or rural)

-Opportunities to have experiences real industries in both situations, in school or after graduation.

-Reputation of schools (Alumni and professors)

-Tuition (depends on how much scholarship offered though)

-Curriculum/programs/theories (what the school actually focus on and pursue)

-Facilities ( Computer labs, studio, or etc)

What do you think is the most important thing to consider before going to a graduate school?

I am pretty sure that there are more things to mention but I came up with couple most important factors that I think when it comes to applying to a graduate school. Please let me know if I am missing anything!

Thank you for the comments 

Feb 11, 19 6:12 pm

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