Duolingo Certificate test request from Harvard



I just received an email from GSD admission office saying that I should take a Duolingo Certificate test no later than 11:59 PM (Boston time) on February 12, 2019 to help the committee.

I am an international applicant to mdes in history and philosophy program and submitted a toefl score of 98 (R:29 L:29 S:20 W:20). The minimum score required was 94.

Anybody else received such request? Any idea why they ask for another score?

Feb 10, 19 5:07 am

Some international students pay others to take the TOEFL for them. They want to check if you're legit.

Feb 10, 19 9:53 am

I'm currently applying to MDes Technology and didn't get any notification. I did however attached (as part of supporting documents) my Duolingo test score and a written letter/certification from my university that English was our language of instruction just for the extra push. Duolingo is easy, cheap, and quick! You get your results in 2 days.

Feb 10, 19 3:46 pm

thanks for the replies! 

i guess they just wanted to double check since my score make people think that two different people took the exam

Feb 11, 19 10:40 am

What is your first language?


Sometimes they want to know how you perform in English, so they ask for this test to have a better understanding of your pronunciation and your performance in front of camera!


I few a few first languages, some balkan and turkish. people usually say i sound scottish o_0

Feb 19, 19 6:44 am

Cool, I like Scottish! what was your Duolingo score? I just want to know how it compares with TOEFL since you got 98 in Toefl. I am planning to take it in the future and curious to see what score can a person with 98 in Toefl get in Duolingo?


I scored 92 in Duolingo. It is a very simple test except the video interview section where i am asked to talk about genetically modified foods. -_-


i have a few..

Feb 19, 19 6:51 am

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