Please help! Advise on Portfolio selection


Hi all,

I made two portfolio (for my March application), one which has more page while the other is more condense. I am having a hard time deciding which one is better for A4 printing. I am wondering if anyone would mind advising and suggesting? I hope to have one decided for soon for printing


Feb 8, 19 8:45 am
Non Sequitur

first link is broken for me.

Condensed and trimmed down folios are always better since no one will look at 60+ page monsters.  You will need to show loads of progress work tho since all you include in the shorter link are final images. The get boring very quickly and do nothing to demonstrate your thinking process.  Where are the dirty idea sketches, the trial and error massing models, the various iterations that led you to those final images?

 People care about these, sometimes more than the final project.

Feb 8, 19 9:52 am

Sorry about that. This is link to the one with more page with larger diagrams Thanks for your advise. 


Sorry, but I would first drastically rework your portfolio before even thinking about which one to print. Still too dense and flat, nothing that really catches the eye, no structure, hierarchy  or narrative. I flipped through it a minute ago and already can't remember a single project.

Feb 8, 19 12:35 pm

is this portfolio intended for fall 2020 applications?

Feb 8, 19 4:00 pm

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