M.Arch program with full time job


Hi everyone,

Do you think working full time and studying full time M.Arch program and balancing family time is doable? I am thinking if I should take 1 class each semester which will take me 4.5 years to finish. 

Or should I just keep working and accumulate enough additional years of experience to take the ARE? My states allow working additional 4 years of exp. to take the ARE, and my firm sign my hours.

Any suggestion please?

Feb 8, 19 1:03 am

I think you would benefit from time in studio with other students, and it doesn’t sound like you will have much time for that if any. 

What are your goals in terms of the masters degree? Figure out the goals and really question if the masters will get you there. Do you have a thesis in mind right now? 4.5 (or 5) years gets to be a real slog on year 3. I did 4 years M.Arch 2 because I had a bachelors of fine arts, and 2 years traveling. Ask yourself the hard questions.

Don’t go into debt at all for this...not worth it.

Feb 8, 19 1:10 am

studio courses (the core of the m.arch) aren’t “classes” in the same way that structures and drawing courses are classes. successful studio projects typically take at least as much time as a full-time job (and often substantially more). the 4.5 year plan you’re describing is going to be a lot more difficult and take a lot longer than you think, and it’ll be nearly impossible to do passable studio work while you’re there. 

Feb 8, 19 1:39 am

Seems like you found the perfect setup for a burnout, mental and physical exhaustion, losing your job, failing studios and alienating from loved ones...

Feb 8, 19 3:03 am

Don't listen to the trolls. It's actually very easy to balance doing a M.Arch while working a full time job and being with family. I encourage you to go forward with that.

Feb 9, 19 8:05 am

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