Graduation thesis - The real world should become more like the virtual world


Hello everyone,

currently I am in my graduation year for my Msc of Architecture at the TU of Eindhoven and the topic that I have chosen is a rather unknown area to most.

As my title says, I want too persuade our real world to become more like the virtual world. In what direction you may ask? Well, the main difference between our real world and our virtual world, is that of rules and limitations. To elaborate; my main take on the virtual world comes from the field of video games (MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online) in particular. The virtual world gives us the option to become another person, come out of our comfort zone, but also (which is of most important for me) brings us together on a social aspect. We tend to be not afraid to have a social interaction in the virtual world, as we are partially being someone else. What gives us this comfort then to be more social? Is it because of elements of the gaming world? Is it the ability of being someone else?

The above explained train of thoughts is something I am currently working on to expand, so I want to ask everyone if they have ideas, papers, books, pictures or likewise that they want to share with me :)

What I am working to for the design part, is to create a social hub in which the users can come in a physical state as a virtual state and empowers social cohesion. The design will be based on an MMO, what parts still to be defined.

Thanks all for reading and reacting!


Feb 7, 19 2:16 pm

That's what the carnivals of the past where for; look at Versailles and Venice masquerade carnivals - anybody could be whatever they wanted to be for a couple of days. Now it's "virtual" masks. Aesthetically, I prefer the real masks and costumes. It's a good idea, not sure if it's an architecture thesis though, the place of the carnival is never relevant to the social interaction.

Feb 7, 19 2:26 pm

Had to copy paste my reply into this section, but see below my reaction please

jla-x “Architecture and Disjunction“ 

Feb 7, 19 2:48 pm

I think you are mistaking my point of the difference between the virtual and real masks as you describe it. This might clear up my intentions, a grab from a part of my ideas:

Basically what I am trying to explain is that the concept of an MMO does not really differ on our own lives. We are born at certain times, are raised, are taught, learn and create our own story hence the statement: '' the real world should be more like the virtual world''.

What differs us from the virtual world then? The lack of restrictions. In the virtual world we keep trying to solve a problem, even if we fail, because it does not have any consequences. Gaming equals problem solving. What I am going to prove is that through translating the world of gaming into our real world and daily lives, we can solve many psychological problems and daily life problems, from lonely elders too problem children. By creating a social hub in which a person can meet others in a physical state as a virtual state, gaming will bring people closer as a community and solve current daily life problems.

Feb 7, 19 2:50 pm

Just like how social media has brought us all closer? Totally hasn’t made people avoid real interactions over fake, I mean “virtual” ones.


architecture does not solve psycho-social issues. you're trying to recreate twitter in a physical form, maybe watch Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Non Sequitur

this is not an architectural thesis. Stop avoiding design and construction problems. Focus on real issues that can be addressed with clever design instead of just rehashing old POVs. I edited a master's thesis 10y ago that touched on this subject and even then I found it trying too hard.


Why? I have never understood why people like you (and I have met plenty) want everyone to "focus on real issues"? Why can't he focus on not so real issues? there are thousands of architects focusing on real issues, let the man do whatever makes him happy. Why does everyone need to focus on real issues? especially in the academia.

Non Sequitur

Because real issues get you employed once you leave the protection of academia. The topic proposed is not original and is not very creative.


No. getting employed is down only to you not being a complete idiot. you can explore anything you want in the academia, and you'll be able to mange in the real world if you are not an imbecile. It is and outdated topic, but he is still free to explore it.


what is the architectural question this is meant to answer?

Feb 7, 19 3:57 pm

So, you've seen Ready Player One in the cinemas and got inspired...

Feb 7, 19 4:38 pm

The 90's / early 00's underground rave scene seems like a potential precedent to explore. 

Feb 7, 19 4:43 pm

it's really confusing, your question seems to be how to create a real space to connect people in the virtual world; so they don't know each other in real life but in avatar form that allows them to collaborate on solving the problems of the world virtually because if they were to be themselves they couldn't get out of their comfort zone?

Feb 7, 19 7:52 pm


Feb 8, 19 3:11 am

My final project in uni touched a very similar topic. What I tried to do is creating 3 distant places that would behave as one space, using the unique feature of virtual spaces - the ability to transform information (data) quickly, edit it, change it, duplicate it, and basically using data as "raw martial". What happens in location A would have an impact in location B. I'm oversimplifying here, but you should know that  it's very hard make a project about "virtual space" without being banal. Everyone from painters, filmmakers and architects have talked about it for over a century now (some would go as far as ancient Greece).

Feb 9, 19 6:53 am

Pokémon go kinda does this.  It also causes adults to crash into trees in the real world while chasing virtual creatures so...

Feb 9, 19 10:34 am

y'all need to dip your toes into quantum physics a bit to frame this with some knowledge beyond minecraft

Feb 9, 19 12:01 pm


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