architectural project thesis


so guys I am in need of major help...

we have an architectural project and I am taking my own into the thesis direction.

our project is situated in a place called Bewdley, a town rich in history. my concept is terrain. my interest is the time, layers of time (this is me incorporating the concept of terrain and how it has layers). my tutor says it's an idea but she says I don't have a direction or an actual project or process of how to explore this idea forward.

Feb 7, 19 11:31 am

I firmly believe I was a very stupid person in my formative years. I just didn't have a forum to announce it to the rest of the world. Hashtag blessed. 

Feb 7, 19 11:37 am

exactly. but robert plant lives nearby, ask him.

Feb 7, 19 11:52 am

They still refuse to let me become their new drummer and reunite the Zep. Their objection is that I don't know how to play drums. As if lack of knowledge has ever stopped an architect.


go to bewdley tennis and rowing club, he will surely see you there. bring schematics.


Your tutor is right.

Feb 7, 19 2:03 pm

so if you need an essay writer - you can just browse what I'm offering, be sure it'll help!

Feb 16, 19 11:35 am

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