M.Arch Portfolio Feedback for UK application


Hey folks, 

I know there are tons of useful information gained from the hundreds of portfolio review posts here, and i’ve gained so much from reading them. I’ve just been too focused on my own thing lately that I could really use another set of eyes on my portfolio. Haven't put many text in yet, in a separate file for editing, but very low amount of it I expect. I have been recently working on my portfolio for applying Masters degree in these listed colleges:

1. Bartlett

2. Manchester School of Architecture

3. TU Delft

Here is the link of my portfolio:

As I was doing a 3 year Bachelor degree in the UK, I certainly feel that the complexity of the project brief itself is definitely lacking in comparison to most of the 5 year US degree holders in here. But still I am looking forward to hearing any constructive comments, and I am particularly interested in hearing thoughts about which sections are strongest and what order the sections should be in for max impact!

Thank you!

Feb 7, 19 11:34 am
Mies Panda Rohe

I think you are showing too much. 

A few suggestions: Ditch your Y2S1 Project. Give more space/pages for the first project you show. Rotate the perspective section. Remove the shadows from the interior of your 'Second level Site Plan.'

Less is more.

Feb 22, 19 2:15 pm

Assume your part 1 was from Sheffield - what was the final degree classification? Have you done a year out - any projects there to note in that experience?

Feb 25, 19 4:00 am

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