TU delft rejection feedback


I received rejection letter two times from TU Delft.

Here's what they write on this rejection letter.

Your application has been rejected for the following reason(s):
- The Selection Committee considers the quality of your portfolio insufficient.
- The portfolio does not demonstrate the required abilities to communicate in a concise way and to express ideas
effectively. There is not sufficient evidence in the portfolio of experience in problem based, solution-oriented and
coherent approaches to the discipline of architecture and to the relationship between research and design. The
presentation of the projects in the portfolio in words and drawings does not explain sufficiently their architectural
character and quality.
TU Delft's admission requirements for MSc programmes can be found on our website.
We kindly ask that you withdraw your enrolment application in Studielink.

my application portfolio is here.

Please review it and give a comment...

Feb 6, 19 11:55 pm

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but that doesn't apply to portfolios.

Feb 7, 19 1:12 am

then, what should I improve the contents of my portfolio?


I don't know, haven't gone through your portfolio yet ;-)


I believe that your projects need to express the progress of the projects more. I.e. researching more into the environment or surounding conditions and showing more iterations to which have led you to arrive at your final design. 

Feb 7, 19 2:33 am

Thanks for your advice! iteration is helpful to understand the project? I just thought it could be unnecessary...but I got your idea ! Really Thankful!!


The uni wants to see why your design develops to what it is. You want to show the layers of thought behind your work. So it's definitely good to put in a decent amount of info on iterations, design developments etc...



Feb 7, 19 2:54 am
Non Sequitur

needs more dirty coffee stained concept sketches. 

Feb 7, 19 6:13 am

HaHa.. OK, I'll start with a cup of coffee.


Hi Milee,

Your portfolio is very nice! You have some lovely projects, I myself have just graduated from Oxford Brookes in the UK as a Part 1, and will be looking to apply for masters programs in the near future. 

What I can say about your portfolio is it is quite regimented, you say you have exceptional hand skills, I would have loved to see more of your sketches, especially concept sketches that are rough but convey a series of messages and ideas!

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Feb 7, 19 8:36 am

As you mentioned, I would consider other layout and expressions that does not seem strict. And wish you luck for your next step! Thanks!


Your portfolio is actually pretty decent but I kind of agree with twentythree. Your projects lack: 

(1) site analysis - how did the environment, location, demographics etc. influence your design(s);  keyword: MAPPING 

(2) diverse conceptual/theoretical analysis, your projects are somehow presented in a very consistent, pragmatic manner. There's no variation in terms of approaching the project. The process seems to be the same for all five projects. As what's mentioned in their website: In general, we look for candidates who demonstrate strong interest in a variety of design approaches and methods as well as theoretical and technical knowledge. We look for those who can engage themselves in an intellectually rigorous manner. We believe that pursuing an advanced degree in architecture requires perspectives and interests beyond the technical conventions of the profession. 

And finally, a portfolio should reflect the scope and variety of your previous training and experience with specific emphasis on your knowledge of and skills in the degree track for which you are applying. 

The way I see it, it's more of a job application portfolio than an academic admissions portfolio. You have to tailor or design your portfolio in a way that's fit for the program you are applying for. Good luck! 

Feb 7, 19 8:52 am

ah.. actually my projects have different stating points and issue respectively, but I agree it was not well expressed as you say. My portfolio will be developed to reflect your advice too. Thanks!


They gave you boilerplate verbiage in their rejection letter. The fact that they did not mention anything specific is a dead giveaway. I doubt if they even looked at it. If there is any deficiency here it is in their selection committee. Your portfolio was quite good. Go someplace else.

Feb 7, 19 9:25 am

I little bit upset due to the common reason for rejection from the committee..but I have to accept the result :( I will apply to KADK..Thanks for your comment!


Change your cover design. The "thumbs up" is very corny and may have expressed a lack of seriousness. I wouldn't be surprised if the admissions committee ignored your portfolio after looking at the cover page.

Feb 7, 19 11:33 am

I didn't know the impression of my cover. I will think about the other cover! Thanks a lot!


Hi there,  I don't know why I cannot view your work though the link you provided. I also received my TU Delft rejection letter yesterday, and felt kinda need some suggestions as well. Btw, by looked the TU Delft rejection letter they sent, mine is exactly the same as yours.

Feb 16, 19 1:33 pm

Maybe your portfolio looked exactly the same ;)


Or maybe TU Delft has their head up their ass? Sweet racket - shit can the application, pocket fee, send canned rejection letter.


Would have to see both folios first ;)But I can imagine they have a standard rejection letter, even after proper reviewing the work, can't tell if they didn't.
When I get sent portfolios and reject people I simply reuse my last rejection mail and tweak it where applicable, seems like a handy thing to do, it was sitting there in my Sent Items anyways...


Do you charge people for applying to your firm?


Nope, but they do send applications unsolicited and it takes me time to go through and answer, so maybe not a bad idea :) Anyways, what's wrong with a standard rejection letter being used, when it accurately describes the reasons for rejection?


Sad to hear that.

I also applied for an M.Arch at TU Delft and i'm awaiting feedback.

Feb 27, 19 5:22 pm

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