Need direction on Portfolio: ICD/ITKE, ETH, IaaC & CITA



I'm in the process of submitting applications to the following universities for programs related to computational design/digital fabrication/robotics/material sciences etc. I've listed them in order of priority:

University of Stuttgart - ICD/ITKE

ETH Zurich

IaaC Barcelona


1) Can someone who is attending/attended or has applied and been accepted to any of the relevant programs at these schools give me some direction on what to include in the portfolio if you don't have previous experience with computational design? Links to portfolios that you applied with would be very helpful! Most of my work is very traditional architectural projects and I'm afraid it is not going to stand out enough to get admitted. 

2) Secondly, and more importantly, ICD/ITKE has a maximum limit of 10 Single pages. As this is one of my first choices, I'd like to put my best foot forward but I'm unsure what to include. Most of my projects from school and professional work need at least 3-4 pages each to show the process, thinking and finished images. Do any of you have advice on how to layout a 10 single page portfolio for ICD/ITKE? Any thoughts on projects to pages ratio? My layout aesthetic is relatively minimal with a good balance of white space, text and graphics/images.

I expect someone on the admissions team reviewing a portfolio to read through any text and annotations and pay attention to the diagrams and drawings to assess the concept and execution. If this is the case, a select few diagrams/drawings and images will not have enough context and won't convey the whole idea. 

I don't want to go in the opposite direction of including everything relevant from a couple of projects to create a very crammed 10 page portfolio either. I would hate to compromise on the layout in a bid to get everything across. 

Unless, I am mistaken and portfolios are initially skimmed through for visual appeal and not looked at closely, thereby eliminating the need to present a project in its entirety? Any help on this front would be highly appreciated!

P.S.: In case it helps, I have a B.Arch from an American university and 5 years of experience working in NY.

Feb 2, 19 7:28 pm

Maybe it is not too relevant but I applied for an exchange semester at ETH and got accepted with this portfolio :

It has nothing to do with computational design though. Also I am from KADK so I guess it design wise looks a bit like what CITA would expect. 

Good luck!

Feb 3, 19 4:25 am

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