import google earth to rhino?


Is there a way to import google earth buildings into rhino as meshes for a site model. I am pretty sure it is possible, but I have looked all over the internet but have not found a clear answer...

Feb 1, 19 11:44 pm
I don’t believe it is, I’ve only used rhino minimally but what you’re going to probably need to do is just import a screenshot, scale it and just trace it. It’s work but if you’re experienced it won’t take too long
Feb 3, 19 12:04 pm

if you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about, it’s really okay not to comment

Non Sequitur

Ted, no one does that. Might as well recommend MsPaint and Excel while we’re at it.


Feb 3, 19 3:08 pm
Lewis Garrison


Feb 18, 19 5:59 pm

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