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This is my first post on archinect. Please bear with me if my English is not good. Before getting into the details of the program that I am looking for, I would like to give a brief introduction about myself.

I am an architect from India and I have 7 years of work experience in the field of interior design. I have been freelancing for the last 3 years working on interior design projects. I found the scale and the ability to detail in interior design project very comfortable. I had discovered my skills in interior design while working in an architecture firm in India which does interior design projects as well. My clients and former bosses had appreciated my simple, sensible, logical, pragmatic and professional approach to design. I don't particularly have great sketching or model making skills but I am pretty good with software like Sketchup and Photoshop. I would like to learn Rhino and/or Revit in the masters program and I feel that I am pretty confident and comfortable in learning and using new software. 

I have recently opened up to the idea of pursuing a masters in architecture. My reason is that I would like to learn and develop skills to design, detail and execute buildings, which I had not been able to during my time in the offices I had worked. I would also like to work in the US for few years after my masters. I will eventually return to India and resume my practice. I don't envision myself having a big practice and working on large architecture projects, once I return. I see myself working on small scale architecture projects along with interior design projects.

My criteria for the university/program is listed below.

1. The program must have an equal focus on design and practical sides of the profession. I had preferred the program to be highly practical since I would like to believe that I have and can pick up practical/technical skills quickly but I am OK with having a balanced approach. I later realized that an extremely practical/technical program might become a bit boring.

2. The program must not be theory/research heavy. I realized I am not too fond and don't have the skill of reading or doing extensive research. I don't find this skill as exciting as designing/executing.

3. I highly prefer the weather of the place where I would study to be warm. I realized I am not at all fond of the cold weather as it is mentally challenging. It requires great motivation from me to get out in the cold weather after experiencing this during my first visit to the US (I stayed in DC and visited boston, new york and vermont)

4. The universities need not be ivy league.

5. The tuition fee is flexible. (Although while suggesting, please mention the tuition fee of the schools which match my criteria.)

6. Good job opportunities after masters. (I wouldn't mind working in colder regions in the US but wouldn't do it if I have to study.) 

I did a bit of research after reading some of the threads in the forum. I have shortlisted some universities which, I think, kind of match my above criteria (In no particular order of preference). I would like to know more about the below universities and the program they have. I am open to other universities with a good program as well.


2.UT Austin




6.IIT - (I'm aware that it is in Chicago which gets extremely cold.)

7.University of Cincinnati - (It does get cold here as well.)

8.CCA - (I've read mixed reviews about the program. I would like to know more about the M.Arch program.)

Information about the above universities or any other alternative option would be great! Hoping to get some valuable advice soon.

Thank you.

Jan 23, 19 11:09 pm

IIT is very into theory and research. and they tend to have a design dogma that most folks are encourage to follow.

Consider, if you are after a more practical or technically focused program University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and University of Illinois Chicago, they are affordable big programs with lots of diversity in the faculty and students so you would have more opportunities to find a niche that you are happy with.  

Hope this helps.

Peter N

Jan 24, 19 10:03 am

@ Peter N

Thank you for your help. I’ll consider looking into them. 

I had mentioned the school to be in a warmer place as one of my criteria. Do you have any information about the program or the schools that I have short listed apart from IIT? Any advice on universities apart from the ones that are short listed and the ones you had mentioned, which fit my criteria, (especially the point where the school is located warmer region) would be of great help. 

Thanks !

Jan 24, 19 5:28 pm
Dr. Architecture

If you have not already done so, I suggest you begin your research process via the following --


Dr. Architecture

Jan 28, 19 10:53 am

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