Anyone has been an adcom? How does it work


Were talking with my peers about top school comittees and thought i’d ask on archinect. I know that part of the holistic review is the initial screening but what exactly the look into through that phase? Is it just portfolio in order to narrow down the number? How many more steps are there after that? Asking out of simple curiosity, i wonder if they ever get tired and just discard applications out of boredom.

Jan 22, 19 8:35 pm

every school has its own process. in my experience there is a portfolio review that gets sorted into acceptances, rejections, and maybes. with occasional exceptions, we don’t care at all about the other application materials unless you’re a maybe. 

which means if your portfolio is strong enough, you’re getting in. if it’s bad, your recommendations and 4.0 and ultra-thoughtful essay on legos aren’t going to help you. 

Jan 23, 19 2:05 pm

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