Can we do a "poll thread" for student housing/living?


I'm not sure if this will catch on, but I thought it could be a useful tool for people who are researching where to go for school if people post where they're going to school, where (general location is fine, don't need an address) they're living and what rent they're paying any any other relevant details. Of course there are many ways to look up, but it would be helpful for people who aren't familiar with areas to see where there are good spots for living. I would even be willing to compile what people say on the weekends or something.

I'll start:
School: University of Michigan
City/Location: Ann Arbor, various places, mostly on the outskirts of downtown, +/- 4-5 miles from Arch building
Rent: $550-600
Roommates: 3-4

Jan 19, 19 6:50 pm

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