3 year bachelor degree or 5 year bachelor degree.


I am currently an architecture student at a university that offers a 5 year bachelor degree and i was interested in transferring to ARCHIP for many reasons.  and i have discovered that ARCHIP offers a 3 year bachelor degree and 3+2 master degree. 

so what i want to know is whats the difference between 3 year bachelor and 5 year bachelor.

will that decrease my chances to applying for a master degree?

Jan 19, 19 10:28 am

I think you are proof that only the mentally disabled are willingly choosing a career in architecture nowadays.

Jan 19, 19 8:12 pm

What is ARCHIP?

Jan 21, 19 11:57 am
A 5 year bachelors degree (B.Arch) is a professional degree. It’s essentially a condensed masters degree, and you can get your license after just 5 years (plus NCARB requirements).

A 3 year bachelor degree is worthless by itself for licensure. You need the Masters after it to get licensed. Either way, 5 years is the minimum, 6 years is typical (4+2).
Jan 21, 19 12:59 pm

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