Which has uni has good reputation and job opportunities

I've been applying for the academic year 2019 September,                        I got selected for:                                                                                       1) Architecture and urban design at Politecnico di milano, Italy                 2) Urban design at ku leuven, Belgium                                                       3) Urban planning at Mc'gill university,Canada         

I'm just in a great confusion because with regard to the Qs universities and Times higher education ranking the information varies and i can't get a clear picture of which university to opt and its value. All i need to know is which has greater reputation and job opportunities after graduation from the university?

Kindly help, Thanks in advance                                                                  Abimanu.S

Jan 19, 19 10:33 am
Non Sequitur

What? You should have done the research before applying.

So, between Italy, Belgium, and Canada (Montreal)? Where do you want to work after graduation?

Jan 19, 19 3:17 pm

Hello, yeah i did quite a bit of field study and then opted out some universities out of it but now i need more clear picture of situation right there in each university. I'm not picky about the location of work it is okay if there is proper job opportunities which can land me a decent job. Thanks for you're response.


Pick Urban design at ku leuven, Belgium.

It is everything you want. Many reputation and very job opportunities after graduation from the university. Wow.

Good luck.

Jan 19, 19 8:06 pm

Thanks for you're rsponse :)

i would like to contact you talk in detail!


Go to the one where doing research is not part of the curriculum.

Jan 20, 19 5:26 pm
Non Sequitur

Gold star comment! 

But how does one find out without doing the research?

2 universities have coursework + research module, mcgill has only coursework

Non Sequitur

You’re not going to get into McGill.

so what about ku leuven and polimi which place has good job opportunities and international recognition too?

Non Sequitur

Have you considered Boston?

nope those place weren't pocket friendly to manage! states is lot on the costlier side

Non Sequitur

So pick the cheapest place. Hard to take your questions seriously when you’re so broad. Instead, you should focus on location, then affordability, because it’s likely that you’ll look for a job in the same market as the school. Also, best not to outsource important life decisions to the internets.

okay ! Other universities i got placed are affordable that's why i stand here bit confused


It's really not that difficult if you know what you're doing.

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