Graduate Programs....where to study that's affordable and in a good location?


Hi all, 

I am graduating from a SUNY school with a Sculpture BFA and I am looking to take a year off and then go to graduate school for my M.Arch in Fall 2020. I just recently decided that I want to pursue architecture so I am very new to researching a good program for me, and I need some help. I am trying to find a school thats affordable but also has a good program and in a new location! So far I have been looking at: 

  • University of Utah
  • UC Denver
  • University of New Mexico
  • University of Minneapolis- Twin Cities
  • City College of New York
  • RISD (I know this school is on the pricier side but I'm applying just because I heard it was a really good program)

I would need to do a 3-year M.Arch program since I my bachelor's degree will not be in architecture.  

With the exception of RISD (because it is a private school) I was planning on picking a school that seemed to be best for me, and then moving to that state after I graduate so I can get in-state tuition by the time the program starts, so I'm looking at affordable schools in good locations. 

Can anyone help me in recommending a good program, or programs that have good facilities/staff? Any info would be helpful!! I'm just hoping to get a better look at these schools and their overall reputations! Or if anyone can recommend other schools that would be helpful as well!

Jan 18, 19 1:50 pm

This is a bit old but should be a good guideline:

I only applied to five schools and think that was a mistake - each school had a listed price but scholarships made some expensive schools come down in price quite a bit.  I went with the cheapest school and I've very glad that I did because my wage has actually declined from what I was making before grad school (I worked for 3+ years in between undergrad/grad).  The $250K I would be in debt going to an ivy is instead going to building a cool home/development that hopefully will spring board my career trajectory.  I think grad school is what you make of it and so going anywhere should afford the opportunity to grow and learn.  

Jan 18, 19 2:33 pm

It's good that you're thinking about cost. Many seem to overlook this. Choose the choice that will be the cheapest for you.

A career in architecture is not laden with riches.

Jan 19, 19 3:14 am

if i'm not mistaken city and state colleges are free for in-state citizens in new york. sooo ccny could be free for you. if you move to nyc and live there for the minimum amount of time required to gain citizen status (i think it's 3 years). 

Jan 24, 19 11:45 am
Dr. Architecture

I would suggest you start you research using the following:


Also, there are programs for you that could cut time off of a program --

Dr. Architecture

Jan 28, 19 10:55 am

they all look like good choices, but cost of living in ny could be crazy, apply to all and visit if u can.

Jan 30, 19 11:00 pm

Sorry this is a little late, but I can speak about UC Denver and UNM if you are still trying to figure this out. UC Denver has an okay program, but if you aren't going to be involved with Design Build then there is no point. There building is dated and even though there have been minor renovations, you can tell it is in an old business school which is discouraging. Also, commuting to the school is difficult since no student can afford to live close so you will have to commute from Arvada or Westminster or somewhere else.

The University of New Mexico is one of the most underrated schools in the country. They have an amazing building that was designed by Antoine Predock which provides a very strong sense of community in the school. The faculty is very helpful and well connected with the students, and overall the experience is great and AFFORDABLE! The downside for UNM is that they are unable to keep design leading faculty members there long before a bigger school swipes them.

I would also look into ASU since they also have a very good program that is affordable. I went to UNM for my undergrad a few years back and it was the greatest experience in my education.  

Mar 5, 19 5:47 pm

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