TU Delft, AA


Hello all,

If I accept both universities, which university is the best for students?

Any experiences and information will help me a lot! Thanks

AA (third year) -> until I get diploma, I have to spend 3years(+?) and expensive, and graduation is not guaranteed

TU delft  MSC -> 2years and quite reasonable price

If someone or a few of you could give me your thoughts or share experience on any of the schools listed, that would be great!  Thanks

Jan 17, 19 11:50 am
Non Sequitur

Should you not know this stuff before applying?

Jan 17, 19 12:49 pm

Graduation is not guaranteed in either of those. Be more specific, just flip a coin or do both, +5 yrs reasonably expensive graduations not guaranteed!

Jan 17, 19 2:40 pm
Non Sequitur

If graduation can be guaranteed... could you just write them a cheque for 5 year's worth of tuition and just take the degree at the start of first day of class?


go to TU Delft...brexit whiners

NL is great and can go to London for a long weekend

but seriously - where do you want to work after? those diplomas open different doors.

Jan 18, 19 2:20 am

About those doors, I studied with people that worked at Zaha or Foster in London after graduating TU Delft, don't know anyone from AA that went to work in NL besides people starting their own practice.


yes my point exactly, outside of certain circles/cities no one wants an egoistic AA grad...lots of AA ppl used to work at OMA for example...but yeah I had to make this exact decision a couple years back - and I picked the TU.


Thank you all!!

 I'm waiting for the result from Delft msc. and, I received  interview request from AA -riba1(third year), Glasgow M-arch. Actully I'm not an EU citizen, so I can work anywhere if i have a chance to work after graduation.

Jan 18, 19 9:25 am

Ah, if you're not an EU citizen you'll pay €18.750,- per year in Delft for studying in the MSc track...for EU citizens it's only €2k by the way.


I heard AA diploma course is worth it, is it not good? Which school will be more helpful in the long term? I'm an international student.

Jan 22, 19 12:55 am

​Man, it all depends where you live and how you can translate those diplomas back in your home country. NL is cheaper, London is more can see the student work for yourself. Perhaps you should visit the campuses...they're really polar opposites school wise.

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