Portfolio For Undergraduate Admissions



I am about to start my college and will be starting my admissions process in a year. Many universities require portfolios and as someone who isn't good at drawing/art I need some advice as to how I should prepare a good enough portfolio?

Jan 7, 19 10:04 am
Non Sequitur

What do you have to show? An overwhelmingly large component of admin portfolio remains in the sketching, drawing, painting, and related art departments.

Jan 7, 19 10:12 am

You need to be good at drawing/art/design for a strong portfolio. Take drawing/art/design classes as soon as you can or you are fucked.

Jan 9, 19 4:25 am
Non Sequitur

Your statement implies that the OP is not already fucked. Why so generous today?


You implying that ~1 year of drawing/art/design and a pulse wouldn't suffice to get into places like Boston or SCI-Arc?

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