Affordable universities for masters in landscape architecture

Abinaya Ravichandran

Hello everyone,

Iam from India, I would like to do masters in landscape architecture. I would like to practice the same in India after graduation. Suggest me some affordable Universities which offers good landscape architecture courses. I prefer courses which focus on design and ecology.

What would be the ideal time to start applying for the universities? It would be very helpful if I get scholarship. What is the procedure to be followed for the same.

Regards                                                      Abinaya

Jan 5, 19 11:41 am

Here's the list. Your desired qualities are far too vague, akin to saying "I'm looking for an architecture program that deals with design and mechanical/electrical systems." * You need to do some reading a figure out which programs best suit your goals, which mean reading for yourself.  Read the mission statements, look at the curriculums, and read the course descriptions. That's where the meat is.

You also need to define affordable for yourself.

Happy hunting.(strikethrough)

Good luck with your search.

*I'm sure someone will come in and say "Architecture program that dismisses X mechanical systems," because they don't like how it's taught or are disappointed with students knowledge from that program. And that's ok, because it points to a difference in teaching or limited understanding when compared to other programs.

Jan 5, 19 2:16 pm  · 

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