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Hello, everybody! I was reading my sent research proposal to one of the ivy’s application process, and I’ve just found a significant amount of spelling errors (around one per page in a 25-page research sample.) Do this errors disqualify me automatically? The research structure is fine, but there are some ugly spelling errors among the body text :( quite sad..

Jan 4, 19 8:21 pm
Non Sequitur

I've known profs to fail a paper if they found something like 2 spelling mistakes on page one.  I would expect the same from an Ivy department.

How the hell do you get 25 pages of research sample without running a spellcheck or have someone else proof-read it?  Better luck next year.

Jan 4, 19 8:41 pm  · 

Spelling errors are inexcusable.. especially in this day an age. You will definitely be disqualified from any top tier school.

Jan 5, 19 4:05 am  · 

"Do this errors disqualify"


Jan 5, 19 11:38 am  · 

It demonstrates a lack of care and professionalism.  When you apply next year, take the time to make it perfect.

Jan 5, 19 11:57 am  · 

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