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I am applying to graduate schools that are paired with strong MBA programs (YSoA, Penn, U Mich, and Wash U) because I am interested in a career at the intersection of architecture and development. How difficult is it to get accepted into an MBA program once admitted to the architecture school and attending for a semester? How difficult is it to take MBA coursework as "architecture electives" during the first year so that I do not have to stay for an additional semester from a late admittance? I am interested in applying for an MBA now but do not believe I have a strong enough grasp on my career goals and ambitions to fully commit towards an MBA. 

Jan 4, 19 4:59 pm

Consider looking at a graduate level program in real estate development instead of the MBA.  A real estate development program would probably be more focused towards your interests.  I fear the MBA will require a lot of courses that would be of little interest or use to you.  There are probably some real estate development programs out there that you can do somewhat concurrently with an MArch.

Jan 4, 19 5:57 pm  · 

You don't know enough about your career goals and ambitions for a broad degree like a MBA yet you are applying for an M.Arch? Interesting.

Jan 5, 19 4:16 am  · 

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