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Hello People from Archinet, I'm a studio artist and I've just applied for MIT's March program. I'm not here asking what are my chances. I made this portfolio without consulting any architects because I wanted my voice and sensibility to show rather than having it be super sanitized. My take on MArch is to take someone who isn't an architect and shape their sensibilities into an architectural practice. In my opinion I did a pretty good job and from my research the department seems to be open to less traditional applicants. However, if I'm wrong, and the committee doesn't like it then to me it just means I wasn't a fit for the program. I wanted some of your impressions and criticism for me to improve my design skills since this was the first major piece of "design" I've ever made.

Thank you. 

Jan 1, 19 2:25 pm

In my opinion on of the best portfolios posted here in a long time. Incredible how much architecture can be seen from your drawings, exercises and research. 

Layout is really good. Does not seem  cluttered. And oh my, no architecture photography included! 

Can't believe if this is your first design piece created, that is very unfair ;) Keep up the good work and this will get you far! 

Jan 1, 19 6:14 pm  · 

Thank you for the praise! To be fair, I spent 3 full months trying to get the layout to work, My first one was horrible, and this one was my 4th full draft of the portfolio.


there’s a typo on the cover

Jan 1, 19 7:09 pm  · 

Well... Thats very embarrassing... for me. 


MIT definitely has one of the more eccentric architecture departments in the east cost. 

Your portfolio looks amazing. Hope to see you in the Fall !

Jan 2, 19 5:49 pm  · 

Layout needs a little work, text and spacing has some issues. Excellent attempt for a first attempt at design. If you mentioned that in your statement the reviewers will be equally impressed.

Content is very strong and interesting. Exactly the type of stuff MIT loves. You're a male so that won't do you any favors. International but not from China or India is a plus. If you met MIT's minimum GRE and GPA levels you should be a shoo in.

Jan 4, 19 3:40 am  · 

Thank you for the feedback! Would be the minimum GPA and GRE scores? I only ask because I looked all over their website before I applied and they don't officially hold them, however I wouldn't be surprised if there was an unofficial level they usually expect.


How is not being from India or China a plus?


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