MLA Applicant- Requesting portfolio review and suggestions


I'm applying for my MLA course at a few universities in the UK and US and would like to get some views on my portfolio. I have done my bachelors in Architecture and have been working in landscape firm for more than 2 years now. This is the link to my portfolio:

Thanks in advance!

Jan 1, 19 11:35 am

it looks fine for me, layouts are clean, not overloaded with renderings.  really as an undergrad you just need to show that you can think, which you've done.

best of luck!

Jan 2, 19 1:11 am  · 

Thank you! I'm glad to hear this!


General layout and content is fine. However, some of your content is uncomfortably closer to each other than Richard Meier and a female intern.

Work on your margins, leading, and white space in general. Make a grid, don't break it. Good luck.

Jan 4, 19 2:38 am  · 

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