Cheap architecture universities


Greetings. I’m interested in Architecture but I’m from Namibia in Africa. I would like recommendations for an undergraduate architecture program that is instructed in English?

Thank You.

Dec 29, 18 5:38 pm
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Dec 29, 18 10:04 pm

Sorry what do you mean by Boston.

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It’s an englih arch program.

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clatsop college in Oregon is also an excellent choice.


That's a perfect question for a search engine, I can recommend or DuckDuckGo.

Dec 30, 18 1:51 pm

Cooper Union is free. 

Dec 30, 18 7:37 pm

Cooper Union hasn't been free for some years now ($43,250) and it might take another 10 years before it is free again.


Really? What happened? Haven’t been following...

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where does $43K/year/semester/hour? fall within the tuition cost scale?


"Mike Essl, a 1996 graduate of Cooper Union, got a tattoo of the college’s historic Great Hall on his chest. But he was so disheartened by the plan to charge tuition that he moved to San Francisco."



You can try international universities if there are in your place. There are also online programs out there but some could be expensive plus studying architecture is more efficient if done in a physical university.

Jan 1, 19 1:53 am

Good news, for most schools nationality, race, and gender are huge factors for admissions and financial aid. You may be a male (doesn't help) but being from Namibia put you at an incredible advantage for not only being accepted over others but also to receive generous funding as well.

I'd advise you to not limit yourself just to schools with low tuition/living expenses. The chances of you being accepted to elite well endowed schools while having much of the tuition offset with scholarships is very high.

Jan 5, 19 4:28 am

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