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I am a graduate architecture student in a 3 year program for students without a B.Arch.  This is my third studio, and obviously I will be including my studio work in my portfolio.  I would not like to include my work from my second studio, as my professor pushed me toward a very radical proposal that I don't feel able to describe or defend well.

I am looking for my second summer internship this summer, and I would like to work in New York ideally, as it is close to home, though I am sure summer internships there are likely to be more competitive than what I had to go through to get my internship in upstate NY.

This brings me to my question: is it worth it to polish up my first studio project for inclusion in my portfolio, even though I made it when I had very little design or representational skill?  It is a design for a small housing project, and my professor has asked me to remake my model for an exhibition of past years' work in the studio at the University.  I would like to know whether people think this is worth my time as it would take a long time to improve the documents, as well as to remake the model.

Thanks, sorry for the long read.

Dec 29, 18 4:10 pm
Non Sequitur

Most people keep working on past studio projects to round out their portfolios.

Dec 29, 18 4:19 pm  · 

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