MLA Portfolio


Hi everyone,

Going for MLA1 and looking for last minute feedback on my portfolio before deadlines. Any thoughts, comments or considerations are appreciated. 

No previous design experience. Interdisciplinary undergraduate study in business of the art and entertainment industries from top 30 uni. Now work as a field conservationist. 

much of text is still work in progress. Thank you!

Dec 29, 18 8:31 am

Overall, it’s not bad. 

It’s a nice simple layout. Very clean organization. It’s probably too late to make major changes. The only criticism I have of this (or just about every portfolio posted here,seriously...) is typography. I think it’s often  an overlooked element that can make a portfolio stand out. Maybe look into changing some text a bit (is that helvetica, or a similar font?). 

there’s a typo on your cover “canidate”. Maybe spellcheck the whole thing. 

Plus one for not plastering the word “portfolio” on there. “Selected works” is better

Dec 29, 18 10:03 am

Thank you, helps a lot! Agreed, text needs to be refined. In this draft it's there acting only as a place holder. Trying to find balance between keeping it minimal and making it pop. (custom font but i believe in the helvetica family)

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