Hi I would like to know about people who studied the master's degree in architecture in Pratt (NY) and SAIC (Chicago) and give me their opinions, are they good schools?, what were your experiences?

Dec 28, 18 10:31 pm

Where do you want to work? NYC or Chicago.  I have friends that went to Pratt and work at awesome firms in NYC because of the faculty connections.  I've gone to some open to the public lectures at SAIC and I bet you can get in to many of the 3 letter Chicago firms going there.  I would say that Pratt probably has the more "prominent" name between the two.  

Dec 29, 18 6:35 pm

Maybe you can help build the wall that Americans will pay for lol

Dec 29, 18 8:40 pm
Pratt is the better of the two.
Dec 30, 18 8:47 am

SAIC is dreadful. If it was up to me I wouldn't even consider their students for jobs at the firm I'm at.

Dec 30, 18 8:58 am

I went to SAIC as an undergraduate student (BFA) and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I was able to pursue other interests (designed objects and fashion) than architecture as it was not an accredited degree (planning on getting a MARCH somewhere else). About a month after graduating I was hired full-time at Perkins+Will, however it is definitely a school where you only get out what you put in. 

That said, I am close friends with several MARCH students at SAIC who constantly complain about the program. I don't know if this is because of their lack of prior experience in architecture etc, but I do know some very talented students who say the MARCH program has not pushed them enough. PRATT might be a better bet for MARCH

Dec 31, 18 1:05 pm

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