Low GRE score but good everything else. What are my chances of getting into Columbia GSAPP?


Hi, i am doing a BFA in architecture and am currently applying to GSAPP. I am very concerned because my GRE score came out very low. (147 Q) (149 V) (3.5 AWA). I have a 3.64 GPA, really good portfolio, I have worked for HKS Architects and have good letters of recommendation including alumni from Columbia professor, also I put a lot of effort into my personal statement... I am super scared now that I got my scores back. Is there - chance I will get admitted? I know they say they don't require a score and that they review holistically but what is the real scenario?

Dec 27, 18 2:27 pm

I am a horrible test taker... I hope it turns out fine...

Dec 27, 18 4:07 pm

Above it is

Dec 27, 18 9:21 pm

Awesome portfolio, that more than makes up for your GRE.

Dec 27, 18 10:46 pm



I’m in the same boat as you. I have a 3.8 gpa but bombed the hell out the GREs. I was shocked when I saw the scores.

GSAPP is one of the schools I’m applying to too bc I wanna stay in the local area. I know they used to have GRE scores avg listed on their site years ago and the fact they don’t anymore makes me hope they’ve stopped caring so much about them. Honestly I’m just hoping for the best with every other thing I’m submitting. 

Goodluck !

Dec 28, 18 12:27 pm

Yeah I saw they don't have cutoff scores anymore but still makes me nervous... I hope we can make it. What other schools are you applying to?

Witty Banter

I have no connection to GSAPP but I'll pass on my mostly useless opinion.  You have a strong GPA and an awesome portfolio with the latter obviously being the most important of any materials submitted.  Your odds of getting in are always dependent on the strength of the applicant pool but you should have as good of a chance as any.  I had a classmate (SCAD) that ended up at GSAPP and from what I remember (5+ years ago) you would compare favorably.

Good luck on your applications.

Dec 28, 18 2:34 pm

Thank you very much for your insight!


I also went to SCAD, by the way!

Was wondering where your comments went. It's a shame they took those down. I know I've scoured the comment history of most of the major posters here to get their past critiques including placebeyondthesplines', which only helped improve my portfolio. I don't think we should be in the habit of deleting messages unless they're extremely off topic and vitriolic.

Dec 28, 18 9:21 pm

Maybe that poster simply deleted their account, not sure what happened here. Last time I checked there was nothing going on here that needed moderation, so guess that poster got cold feet or something.

Dec 29, 18 1:33 am

"Was wondering where your comments went. It's a shame they took those down."
Weren't there many more comments in this thread and links to portfolios?


I did not care about your criticism. I appreciate critique. It was later comments you made that came off arrogant when I was simply asking questions and instead all I got was attitude. Regardless what your reasons were, it was annoying and unnecessary, especially when one just wants to discuss and talk. I appreciate you telling me I had that chance, however not your later attitude. All I did was flag one comment and I guess archinect


Deleted all of your comments and replies


and so begins the timeless tale of coddled art school graduates who bomb out of schools like GSAPP because they think they know more than their critics. i'd love to be in the room when you whine about the arrogant, annoying, unnecessary attitudes of your first jury (instead of actually listening to the feedback of folks who know a lot more about architecture than you do).


I listen. I have, in fact, been editing my portfolio and even took the headshot comment. Just was highly bothered by your unnecessary tone. Nothing more to it. I do not think I know more than everyone else, whatsoever. On the contrary. I have already been in rooms with critics that were not satisfied with anything from many students and have taken it in. I will keep doing everything to make my application as worthy as it can be until deadline. By no means I ever said I had nothing to improve. That's all. I appreciate your critique and I will continue working on my stuff and
it would be better if this thread ended here since now it is just a post off topic.


Pbts, and one day they'll be the critics...


Nut, I find it very lame you flagged that comment, but your loss really, guess there are some "coddled art school graduates" on staff here ;)


at least a couple of times, too! ah, to be so naive of how graduate school works.


I'm kind of the opposite. GRE scored well (top 25% in both quant and verbal) but my gpa is lower 3s. I guess time will tell.

Dec 29, 18 12:35 pm

your chances are much worse if you’re applying to schools a
t this level


Yeah, my GPA is my weakest point. I'm hoping the other portions of my application are strong (statement/portfolio/letters). Hopefully the GRE at least suggests I'm not an idiot


top 25% is what, high 150s? that’s not going to make any difference either way to admissions. why is your GPA so low?

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