MLA Portfolio Review (First Professional Degree)


Looking for some feed back on my portfolio. Some key questions I have are:

How is the order?

I don't have a 'theme', but I think it is connecting people to land. Will that work? They always talk about having a connecting thread.

Any pieces not applicable? Right now I have a bit too many pages for one of the schools I am applying to.

Creepy People - I have a zillion creepy people I could add. This page is kind of from left field, but I'm pretty excited about it. Thoughts?


Dec 12, 18 8:30 pm

be more free with your page layout- the project boards do that more than the earlier plates- the location and expression of text content can be a powerful design element on the pages

The final park project looks fun, but none of the sections seem to celebrate the dynamic changes that occur on the far side of the model. it is a nice section study though.

the lead in sheet with b/w private/public diagram has a key that doesnt represent all of the diagrams- maybe it was included as a design element, but it was confusing as a transmission of information

thank you for sharing and good luck

Dec 12, 18 10:20 pm

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