MLA applicant 2019 - Requesting portfolio review.


Hello everyone! 

I'm applying at several eastern coast colleges for the upcoming fall semester, and have put my portfolio together. Request the forum for suggestions and improvement guidance! 

A little about me - 


B.arch (2013) - Practiced at Landscape design firm (3 years) - Own business unrelated to architecture ( 2 years). Currently teaching at a university in India. 

Applying to Upenn, Cornell, Harvard, BAC, Umass and RISD. ( Colleges selected near about Boston because husband works there!)

I have omitted A LOT! from the portfolio. But, I am tempted to add one more academic project in there. Thanks in advance...



Dec 11, 18 5:30 am

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Dec 12, 18 11:55 am

Your portfolio doesn't have any discussion about what the project is about!  A short few sentences describing what the project was, who it was for, and your approach would help a lot.  Also, there are no in-progress drawings or photos showing your decision making regarding how the final project turned out.  All of the images are shiny renderings.  The bookmaking at the end is very interesting to me.  I am glad you put that in as an additional project.

Additionally, you said you were applying to places near Boston - just so you know Cornell and UPenn are not really anywhere near Boston.  Those are both a 5-6 hour drive away.

Dec 12, 18 12:33 pm

Thanks a lot for this input! I do agree with you that a short description is required but it's the process sketches which I have been struggling with. I've looked at some portfolios of graduates from these universities on issuu and ALL of them have shiny renders on there.. the zoning diagrams with legend are my attempt at explaining the design process graphically... A lot of reviews on archinet talk about these sketches explaining the design process that is lacking, though I do still struggle to find a successful example of this.


Agree with comment above 100%.  Grad programs want to know how you think about design so your portfolio should be highlighting your design process just as much as the final product.  You need the process sketches and models to tell the story of how you got to the final product.  

Dec 12, 18 12:42 pm

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