Deferred from Cornell, what next?

I just got deferred from Cornell Arch and I’m unsure of how to take steps in the right direction to improving my application. I was planning on sending a supplement of why Cornell and bolstering my portfolio. Any thoughts?
Dec 10, 18 9:29 pm
Non Sequitur

They did not like that sweet graph?

That's too bad.

Dec 10, 18 10:30 pm

eh let it go mate I was just curious about how realistic it was :)


The step in the right direction is to go to a cheaper school lol... you'll thank me later. 

Dec 10, 18 10:56 pm

I got deferred from my first choice college, got admitted, earned honors, and now I represent them. Keep it up, and keep on moving. 

Dec 10, 18 10:57 pm

definitely thank you!


Time for plan B. What other schools would you want to apply too!?

Dec 10, 18 11:04 pm

I applied to UT Arch so far


Great program (I’m a bit biased though)

( o Y o )

uber is always looking for drivers 

Dec 11, 18 1:22 am

not giving up on arch just yet haha


By supplement and bolstering you mean a big pile of Benjamins, right?

Dec 11, 18 11:21 am

You have the right idea.  You need to make an effort and demonstrate your continued interest in Cornell and why you are a highly qualified candidate.  Build a persuasive case and avoid begging.  If you haven't visited the campus and personally met with the admissions staff and the architecture faculty, now would be a good time.

Dec 11, 18 11:41 am

Definitely, thank you, I'll make sure to visit.


In addition to the above, you do need to have a plan B with another school that you wouldn't mind attending.   If you are wait listed at Cornell, you must be have fairly strong qualifications, there are many non-Ivy schools that would be happy to have you and probably give you some scholarships or other incentives to get you to attend.  

Dec 11, 18 11:53 am

Hmm, I'll start researching and expand my list thanks!

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