Help! GRE for M.Arch 1 Program


I have a bachelor arts degree in architectural studies with gpa 3.60. I intend to apply for schools like GSD, Yale and Princeton. However, my GRE score is quite low with verbal in 151, quantitive in 159. Should I re-take the test? or Should I move on to portfolio and my personal statement? Thank you for your answer.

Dec 7, 18 11:43 pm

u good 

Dec 8, 18 11:45 am

Thank you for your reply. Are you sure? Because I knew GSD has their average scores for verbal at 157.


gre is fine and gpa isn't toxic. given the above, adcom at those schools only care about your portfolio, sop, and recommendations, in that order. spend the remaining ~month on the things that matter

Non Sequitur

Those schools are shit so they'll take anyone.  There are pretty desperate for applicants too, so the bar is much lower than the other, more reputable, schools.

Dec 8, 18 1:23 pm

Thank you for reply. Do you mean that they will take any one as long as the other parts of the application are good enough?


I would recommend looking through the threads on here where previous years' applicants post their stats and results. It's been a little while since I did a thorough look through, but I feel like I saw plenty of people with similar scores getting into good schools. I'm pretty sure your quant is fine, but not as sure about verbal.

Dec 8, 18 7:08 pm

I heard people always saying get at least 320+ so that you will be more competitive. Not sure if what I heard is right.....


Anyone with application experience know if verbal 151 (52%)  is enough for applying for GSD and Yale? Thank you very much!

Dec 10, 18 5:21 pm

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