How does one end up working in Dubai for the mega firms that design works such as the Burj Al Arab? I'm talking Tom Wright and WKK level. 

Dec 5, 18 10:41 pm
Non Sequitur

You must be able to tolerate rampant slavery and back-ass-wards labour/sexist culture.

Dec 5, 18 10:51 pm

I'm willing to deal with all of that, I just want to design a world icon.

Dec 5, 18 10:54 pm
Non Sequitur

So, terrible human rights violations and piss poor treatment of the labour building these "icons" don't matter to you? You're a pretty damn terrible person.

Start by learning the basics of design and construction practices... then work your way through professional practice until you have the experience and skill to manage multi million dollar projects... then maybe a large office, like those working in the ME, will look at you.  Takes decades of dedication and a shit tonne of luck to get to this stage... not to mention rubbing elbows with the rich filth paying for these buildings. 


@Non Squirt. I think this forum is under attack from DC throwaways all of them pretending to be novice architects (top of his knowledge of architecture). I do appreciate you answering a bunch of these, but it's lost cause, ya dum dum.

Non Sequitur

Did not see these as a DC thing... but will take your word for it.


In that case getting licensed is vital.




Start life rich, go to a top school, have your parents subsidize a few unpaid internships, graduate, have parents subsidize low pay/ long hours at a top firm. All the while be good at design, technical detailing, talking about and presenting architecture.

Voila! You are now working on a banal glass dildo that will change exactly 0 people's lives, except the ones why die or are injured while building it.

Dec 5, 18 11:02 pm

so salty. I love it.


Don't underestimate the life-changing promise of the glass dildo.


Maybe an exciting glass dildo, but a banal one?


Just lose the b


To the OP, in architecture school, they teach you that the over the top work done in Dubai isn't the pinnacle of the architectural profession.  The pinnacle is actually how you personally choose to define it - whether that's designing building single family homes for people to enjoy, museums to inspire, or efficient office spaces that keep people from hating their coworkers.  

Do some reading and see what inspires you.  Visit a bunch of different architects and see what they do.  Ask questions.  I think from your other threads you're from Plano area.  There are tons of architects that work in Dallas.  If you are still in high school, see if you can do a summer internship before going off to college.   

Dec 7, 18 10:13 am

First of all, those over-the-top works in Dubai et al are SHIT.

Second of all, none of those are done by Dubai firms, mostly American or European with a small office in Dubai. FYI, the Burj Butt Plug was designed by SOM.

Dec 7, 18 2:44 pm

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