Arch 101


What are the primary concepts for the new-to-be Architects of the 21st. Century? (aside from geometry and basic technical)

What should the young ones learn about in semester 01?

Begin with computers or leave them for later?

Dec 4, 18 2:10 pm
Non Sequitur

How not to crowd-source every.single.question.

Dec 4, 18 3:01 pm

First thing we did was hand drafting sections, plans, and elevations of small spaces - no computers allowed for studio.  Also learning to draw, take photographs, and how to keep a sketchbook were very important. No color allowed until 2nd year.

Dec 4, 18 3:06 pm

day 1 - no phones or laptops or headphones allowed ever again

day 2 - same as day 1, no digital camera, #2 pencil, sketch pad, go out and draw what you see.

day 3 - tell your classmates what you found outside, show them with your drawings. 

day 4 -  identify an architectural problem and solve it.

several iterations of this regime, increasing the complexity of the task.

Dec 4, 18 4:10 pm
Non Sequitur

day 5 through 8, don't leave the dark room... keep processing film until you understand why Photoshop is blessing.


very dark reference, but I'm convinced the computer should be an extension of your eyes and hands, not bypass and replace them


Got to break a bunch to make a few eh


I liked my first project.  Start with the nine square. It starts with a line drawing creating a focal point.  Next is using the same as a basis, but add line weight and shift the focal point (upper right to lower left for instance).  Then tone, then color, then shallow 3 dimensional, then negative space, then full 3d, etc. all building off the first (can't remember every panel rule).  Two week project if I remember right.  The final board then arranges all the squares on a board to create yet another focal point. 

The point of it is introducing them to various ways to change the composition of the exact same geometry through different means.  It's sort of a building block that helps down the line.   

Dec 4, 18 4:23 pm

Everyone is basically suggesting different representation excercises, i did them too, but what else? what has changed over the years? The idea of the computers or the digital being an extension of one's hand is provocative but still in the same representation realm. What is to be talked about as proposal in the 21st.?

Dec 4, 18 8:22 pm
How humans inhabit space, physically (including other-abled) and psycho-socially. It ALL comes back to the human body carrying a human mind through a physical environment.

And how, on a planet of finite physical resources, we can create physical places that bring about human psycho-social delight.
Dec 4, 18 10:09 pm

Arch 101 (or Arch 100 for Canadians eh) has always been an introductory course that just covers history of architecture (typically western arch in westworld schools). It's an open course elective that is mandatory for architecture students but open to anyone not in architecture program.

Unless shit has changed in last 20+ years, I have no idea what all other commenters are going on about here. 

Perhaps OP is just using wrong terminology. In which case they just need to survive first year and then start asking questions. 

Dec 4, 18 10:29 pm
Non Sequitur

damn.... I remember Arch 100 now. Damn 8:30am start time on a friday. That lecture hall was so cold.


Arch 100 was literally the only thing that started at 8:30. Nothing else was before 10. In a way that was really the test. I don't remember anything from that course except that showing up on time was key to passing.

Non Sequitur

My arch 100 prof, the architure department director at the time, said one thing in that course that I still remember. Not sure the context exactly, likely speaking about FLW, but he said : “I can design a house to break a marriage”. Such a fascinating yet perverses thought.


Arch 1001 was first year studio for me.

Prerequisites: Human factors, compassion, social and environmental responsibility.

Start at the beginning. 

Dec 5, 18 9:41 am

someone once commented that Arch_101 should not “spoil” the young fresh mind with architecture and pre-existing images but instead exploit that unreferenced creativity with pure artistic exploration of spaces and sensitivity

Dec 5, 18 10:03 am

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