Masters at a Technical University in the Netherlands


I have graduated with a BA in Architecture (RIBA Part I) from a UK school and have 2 years professional experience in the UK. My undergraduate was humanities-oriented and project/studio based education. I am due to start my Masters in September and I am interest in architecture graduate programs that have a more technical focus.

I have looked into the two technical universities at the Netherlands, TU Delft and TU Eindhoven and I am highly interested in:

-MSc Architecture - Building Technology track at TU Delft

TU Delft Curriculum 

-MSc Architecture - AUDE track at TU Eindhoven.

TU Eindhoven Curriculum 

Both programmes are offered in English and the tuition fees are 2,000 euros/year which is significantly less than what I am going to pay at a UK university for an MArch (£9000/ year).

In terms of academic interest I would like to study subjects like construction, facade engineering, climatic design, building energy performance, acoustic / lighting design and apply this knowledge to design projects. Both programs cover some of the above subjects in their curriculum and also have design projects.

In other terms, I want to get a more comprehensive education on how to put a building together to complement my existing education and thus become a more well rounded architect.

I am more drawn to TU Eindhoven's programme as it is multidisciplinary and also looks more comprehensive while also allowing you to take electives from other disciplines like etc structural design. It also has courses in procurement or project management which I find interesting.

The issue is that I intent to practice in the UK, where a RIBA/ARB accredited MArch can allow me to later directly sit the Part 3 exam and register as an architect . On the other hand, doing a MSc in one of the TUs is 5 times cheaper (!) but would require me to sit the Part II and Part III exam in order to then register in the UK.

I am also concerned that moving to another country for 2 years could alienate me from my existing professional network in the city I currently work in the UK.

Do you think it's a better choice in the long term to go for a professional MArch degree in the UK as opposed to the above programmes?

Also do you believe that a technically focused Masters would be beneficial at this stage or could the above subjects be covered through self-directed study?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Dec 2, 18 8:55 pm

I think you had already said it all, and its a personal decision. I would study in the country that I plan to work. 

Dec 3, 18 9:57 am

Depends how hard it is to be able to do the part 2 exam. I recall having the part 2 recognized (at least for australians) as being really hard in the UK and that ppl had to pay the ARB 10k to do it- but I am not sure about this. Can´t you just do the last 2 years of a diplom in Netherlands? That should be recognized as a part 2 degree or is it not? I guess you would know.  Other then the part 2 obstacle having to pay an extra 9k a year is a rip off and prolly you will still have your connections when you get back to the town you are from once you are done with your studies.

Dec 3, 18 10:49 am

Can't you study in NL and do an exchange to the UK?

Dec 3, 18 11:02 am

Brexit is throwing all rules out the window.  I hope UK stays in.  Looking closer today.

TU Delft is a great choice and I would do it - Perhaps look at a longer view plan of getting qualified in NL, working 2 years then with full reciprocity to return as a qualified architect.  

If UK leaves EU - is better to be on that side of the pond.  

(Personally, Delft is much better than any Uni in the UK) 

Dec 3, 18 11:36 am

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