Does my GRE score qualify for the Ivy leagues?


Hi everyone, 

I recently took the GRE exam and sadly did not perform as well as I had hoped. I received a 158 verbal, 156 quant, and 4 awa. Would these scores still qualify me for highly ranked MArch 2 programs? I intend to apply to Harvard GSD, Columbia GSAPP, UPenn, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. I know that the portfolio is the most critical aspect of the application, however I highly doubt schools such as these will accept students below a certain minimum standard. If necessary, I can retake the GREs, but I’m not so confident that I can perform better as standardized tests have never been my strong point. 

Nov 25, 18 12:12 am
Non Sequitur

yeah, sure, score tests don’t mean anything.  They’ll take just any wanker willing to pay their exorbitant tuition anyways. 

Nov 25, 18 5:40 am

terrible GRE scores don't typically correlate with excellent portfolios, grades, and recommendations, so probably not.

Nov 26, 18 10:09 am

youll be fine. 

i got a 155 + 155 and got into harvard, MIT, columbia, california college of the arts, parsons and pratt.

Nov 27, 18 3:26 pm

Thanks for responding, thats a relief to hear!


Counterpoint I got a near perfect GRE score and was rejected from a couple top ranked schools.

It doesn't matter. Your portfolio matters. Don't ignore the GRE but don't waste time studying that could be spend designing.

Nov 30, 18 5:39 pm

YES you are qualified, because there are no a clear line for GRE score! Just make your portfolio perfect, then you nail it.

Nov 30, 18 6:48 pm

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