Stopped internship - Will I be able to get into graduate school?


After graduating with a BA I worked for a starchitect firm in my country. However, I decided to leave my internship early due to a harrassment issue that I faced while working there. I was unemployed for 3 months before I found a job at a large commercial firm. I plan to stay here before starting my MArch in September 2019.

I need references from my employer to apply to graduate school. I have very high degree grades and want to get into some top schools.

When I was at the starchitect firm I worked on some really exciting projects that I have in my portfolio. My current firm's projects are very mundane.

Do you think that in my graduate school application I can present portfolio projects from the starchitect's firm and references from the commercial firm?

Overall do you think it will make a bad impression to the admissions team that I didn't complete my internship at the starchitect's firm and do you think they will ask me for references from that job too?

Nov 24, 18 4:43 pm
Non Sequitur

Was it an unpaid internship?

Nov 24, 18 6:00 pm

No it was a 12 month paid internship. I would complete the internship and then do my experience and references' to get into a top school.


Use* (typing from a phone)


You shouldn't have difficulty getting into a good programme if your former school work is strong. I wonder if you might even have to reveal the 3 month gap if the references come from your most recent employer (commercial firm).

Nov 25, 18 12:48 pm

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