How to start writing Statement of Interests

Good evening everyone,

I am applying to MArch at UofT, Ryerson, UBC and Laurention University "for now". And that my second time for UofT and Ryerson University. Currently I am writing Statement of Interests for UofT. And I stuck in it. Confusing what to say and how to start. 

I have a big and wide imagination brain. Hard to define and write what in mind. I feel like these imaginations could make a change futurity. 

Able to read personalities and mind thinking, that what scared me about my self, I have this kind of talent and I would like to use those skills in academic way. 

I wrote the first paragraph and I would like to share it with you guys, I would love to see your prospective... Feel free to comment. 

1. "Since I was a child, my favorite thing has always been Design" 

I can see it is not bad started, but it seems like I can not define my idea or define it in academic way!! 

2. "Being academically in your talent that might lead you to scientist way. I decided to pursue my BS.c Arch field abroad" 

It is confusing me how to start and what should to write in beginning. I am trying to hook the reader.  

What is the scope of writing Statement of Interests? 


Yazan Akkad

Nov 20, 18 12:01 am
Non Sequitur

it’s a clusterfuck of terrible English, not to mention that each of those two sentences hit at least 3 clichés that’s guaranteed to fail your admittance. 

Obviously English is not a primary language here, but you need to learn how to write, and write well, if you hope to enter graf school.

Nov 20, 18 2:58 am

grad school

There is this thing in the U.S. (and I assume Canada has some of the same requirements or equivalent) that there would be requirements to have something we call..... TOEFL and IELTS. Just saying.....<looks around>.

That is right Non Sequitur, I am working on my weakness at this time. I am happy to heard your opinion..

Yes TOEFL & IELTS are international accredited. One is British and the other is American. I appropriate your support.


holy sweet fuck i hope this is a real post

Nov 20, 18 8:20 pm

What do you mean :) ?


Yazan, many international students get into amazing universities. I think it's important you get some help with your writing skills. Perhaps it is a good idea to first write out your statement of interest in your language, and then work with someone to translate it efficiently. 

I wish you well!

Nov 27, 18 3:28 pm

Go straight forward, simple, clear, but strong expression of your interest and passion. Say your purpose at the beginning, without story-telling narratives. Try to make it like a cover letter, w/o previous experience.

Clarity is the key, the people who reads your letter may not have much time to go though every complex sentences, especially attributive clauses....

Nov 27, 18 8:51 pm

children are to innocent to be aware of design.  Design is in response to a fucked up world.

Dec 1, 18 12:09 am

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