Architectural Thesis on Commercial and Cultural Hub


My aim is to create a commercial and Cultural Hub and how the two typologies can benefit each other. My main focus is going to be on public markets which can also be known as bazaars/souk. I want to give the customers an experience which is totally sensorial on the streets. Supporting the market is want to add food court, performing arts club, centre for artisans, co-working spaces. 

The query I had was what makes a public or a Street market a success and a failure and why should street markets be encouraged than malls. I am really interested in the topic but I need a very strong justification. 

Also I wanted to know if the above requirements are enough to start with or there should be anything else that can be added?

Nov 15, 18 2:45 am

Why are you "really interested in the topic"? That's your justification right there.

Nov 15, 18 3:34 am  · 

I do have same query regarding requirements and have similar kind of project .. I would like to know how did u go about your project?

Nov 6, 20 4:23 am  · 

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