How to write for publication


I want to know the process of writing conference paper of publication paper. Help anyone?

I have some writing on humanitarian process of design.

Nov 14, 18 12:38 am
Non Sequitur
Step one, write paper.
Step two, submit said paper to respectable publisher for peer review and editing. Avoid the pay to publish scams and publication mills.
Step three, profit?
Nov 14, 18 7:31 am  · 

Look at the posts on how to write abstracts and papers in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Also look at How Architects Write by Tom Spector and Rebecca Damron.

Nov 14, 18 8:23 am  · 

Look for calls for papers for different conferences that you think may fit the research you have.  Read the call carefully as some conferences are built around a theme.  You may have to reframe your research to fit the theme.  When the call opens, you typically have to submit an abstract and your resume, but sometimes, you have to submit the whole paper just to be selected.  

Nov 14, 18 9:06 am  · 

1. Write.

2. Read it out loud.

3. Edit.

4. Repeat 1-4 until finished.

Aside from that, "process" is not humanitarian.

Nov 14, 18 9:59 am  · 

Write what, exactly?

Only one post above mentions research.  Do you have research or other useful or original content to present/contribute?  If so, good, and strongly consider Marc's and Thatsthat's good advice.  

Nov 14, 18 7:16 pm  · 

I was also looking for such answers. Thanks 

Mar 27, 19 4:07 am  · 

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