sustainable innovations


some advice about innovations and building technologies can be use to a public market?

Nov 9, 18 9:13 am
Non Sequitur

Free wifi and hookers.

Nov 9, 18 10:10 am

i think its common hehe..


What do you have so far?

Nov 9, 18 10:34 am

I put have put a floor level wherein it showcases and sells the different products known to that city.


Incoherent question with really stupid answers. Never change Archinect. 

Nov 9, 18 10:43 am

That's a thesis-award winning combo, right there!


I like their early work

Non Sequitur

Surprised no one has mentioned shipping containers yet.  These should be your no.1 and no.2 priorities.  Another cool twist to this fresh idea is to build a building that looks like a giant shipping container (but it's not... it's just regular studs and shit but just like a 3 storey tall version of a 40' container) and place real shipping containers inside.

Nov 9, 18 11:00 am

Ah yes, shipping are your two shipping container projects going in the office? (too soon?)

Non Sequitur

Good memory Rando. I've managed to stay excluded from those two dumpster fires, for now... as I'm currently working hard saving another fire from spreading. (this last fire has a 0% of shipping containers, so, it's good).  I did express some serious disdain for the SC aspect of the other projects, so perhaps that was enough to change the design arch's focus, or remove me from CA.


Fingers crossed...


think of the satellites and do a colorful roof, also good to confuse bees.

Nov 9, 18 11:37 am

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