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My employer wants to know what my 5 year plan is. I am already licensed and have my Master's in Architecture, so I have met all the goals that I set out for myself. I am also 57 and would LOVE to retire in 5 years. I can't really tell them that because we don't know what this economy is going to do and I still need a job! What should I tell them?


Nov 7, 18 4:46 pm

Tell them what you think they want to hear or tell them the truth. 

Also I think there’s a lack of competent designers that disappeared during the recession so from my experience, experienced  designers are not a dime a dozen. And in architecture you’re only as good as the project you’re working on, so they might only need you for only 5 years.

To answer your question, I have no idea. 

Nov 7, 18 4:57 pm
Wood Guy

How will you decide whether to retire? 

Nov 7, 18 5:17 pm

I'd try to think about smaller goals that may help your day-to-day in lieu of big career checkboxes.  

Is there a certain project you know is coming down the pipeline that you'd like to work on?  Or a software/material/building system you'd like to learn more about?  A team/person in your office you'd like to work with that you don't get to work with normally?  Or even a client/project type you may be able to bring into the office?

Nov 7, 18 6:16 pm

This is a good answer.


I think just tell them the truth. 

Nov 7, 18 6:17 pm

Does your employer have a coherent 5-year plan for the firm?   Probably not.  There's too much economic uncertainty out there.

Nov 7, 18 6:36 pm

Flip it over and ask your employers what their 5-year plan is and how they see you fitting into it.

Once you know that you can think about what is appropriate for you.

Nov 7, 18 9:25 pm

Do you remember what you told them when you got hired? How did that go? Maybe good to reference that conversation when thinking of the next 5 years. How did you like the years you spent there, what was missing and you would still like the chance to still experience? Or what was great and you would like to continue? I wouldn't bring up the wish to retire, maybe they are in a bad situation financially and are looking for fat to trim, you don't want that to be you, unless you want that to be you.

Nov 8, 18 3:06 am

Its a Human Resource question which give you carte blanche to lie through your teeth. Give them the characteristics they are looking for in the next position above you. You enjoy design, you like being a part of and leading a group, you would like to interact with clients more, you would enjoy traveling for the company. They may be on the hot seat to get a female in a visible slot for window dressing. More power if you can do the job - which I am sure you can.

Nov 8, 18 7:46 pm

Tell them you want to find an inspiration for not to retire and keep on working;)

Nov 10, 18 4:12 pm

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