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Hi all,

We leaned how to use Autodesk Revit in my interior design major, next studio I find it too hard to deal with Revit because it works the opposite of my design intentions and that is really very suffocating. I know that it's an app designed to be very realistic and that is what restrains me from designing what I want.

So if someone could please suggest other alternatives of architectural drawing programs instead of Revit, and perhaps might be more friendly to use?

Also, are all computer drawing programs work the way Revit works? Like based on reality or something? 

I hope my question is clear.

Oct 20, 18 7:05 am
Non Sequitur
Reality is very important.
If revit is too difficult to understand, then sketchup is right for you.

Also important to know, don’t design using the computer, specially since you’re still learning. Pencil and paper until you’ve ironed the design, then use the pc, if you must.
Oct 20, 18 7:59 am

Thank you for the reply.
Yes I do design first using paper, pencils, and models. When it's finalized I, then, go to the computer.

Rhino is also good. But not as simple stupid as sketchip.
Oct 20, 18 10:13 am

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