What software can make films like this video

Fu Su

Does anybody know what software can make films like this video.


Oct 19, 18 1:31 am

MS Paint!

Oct 19, 18 4:30 am
Fu Su


Non Sequitur

Yes, but you need the ms paint Vray plugin. It’s not readily available and very expensive, but if you know who to call, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.


For best results hook it up to your Etch A Sketch.

Non Sequitur

You have a compatible ESketch? Mine is outdated and only has a VGA port.


Mine's hooked up via 14k4, works like a charm.


Looks like a combination of Lumion or Enscape (for 3d rendering flythrough), After Effects (for simple movement of still renderings), and probably something like Premiere Pro for editing. The renderings on the other hand look like they were probably outsourced to a professional vis team.

Oct 19, 18 10:59 am

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