Portfolio feedback for TU Delft Application (Round 2)


Hello everyone. I need a feedback on my portfolio for Master's degree application at TU Delft.

Firstly I would like to thank you those who have commented on my portfolio on the previous version. I have tried to simplify the layout and fixed the texts as advised by many people. I hope it has gotten better this time. 

Here is the link for the updated version:

I hope to hearing from you again. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Oct 18, 18 8:23 am

orders of magnitude better. still needs an enormous amount of work. 

Oct 18, 18 9:40 am

I agree.  Much better.  One thing to work on that stands out to me immediately is the quality of the diagrams.  They look pretty pixelated which really stands out next to the text you did for the portfolio.  I would say do all the text as part of the portfolio layout that way all of it is clear.  Experiment with using tifs or other image types in lieu of jpegs.

Oct 18, 18 10:00 am

Thanks. It might be because of the resolution setting when I exported into pdf. I'll look into it.

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