Orlando, FL

So what y’all think or feel about Orlando, FL? Feel free to be as specific or as’s really what you feel about it.
Oct 10, 18 11:20 pm
Non Sequitur

I drove through it once, and it was at 2am.  I think I've seen enough of it not to ever need to go back.

Oct 11, 18 12:05 am

It is growing so fast! I was there earlier this year for the International Builders Show. Traffic was very congested everywhere we went. The people that live there told me how they are booming with growth. Has some great architect firms also such as Phil Kean Design Group.

Oct 11, 18 6:34 pm

Its a great place to live

Oct 12, 18 2:16 am
Let’s keep this talk going...y’all gotta have more to say
Oct 12, 18 2:07 pm

My first two internships were in Orlando. Good place to visit, wouldn't want to live there. That led to me pursue other firms in other cities but I really enjoyed working at that firm. 

The housing stock is geared towards hospitality wages and transient tenants. Far too many slapped-together apartments and not enough quality housing in the area. The city is largely built around cheap imported labor that is constantly revolving. It's the Vegas of the Southeast US, except more "family-friendly." That's why it's hard to cultivate true neighborhoods, it's a new set of faces every 6 months when the temporary work visas expire. 

The growth of the area was horribly managed, hence the woefully inadequate infrastructure and highway system. Everyone piles on to I-4 and then you crawl until you finally reach your next log-jammed artery. Don't get me started about the toll roads. 

Orlando(Orange County Florida) was once endless orange groves until Walt Disney decided to make it into a destination. Had he never come along, I'm confident that it would still be just a sleepy farm town.  

Oct 13, 18 1:20 pm

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