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Hi! I'm planning to apply to the next winter term to a master course in Germany; I'm in between the following universities, 

1. M.Arch. TU Berlin 
2. HS Wismar (M.Arts)
3. HS Anhalt (M.Arts)
4. HS Detmold (M.Sc.)

Any comment or advice about the programs?
My primary criteria are no tuition fees and taught in English, I wish to know German to apply to others haha 

Oct 2, 18 10:43 am

The German have their place in the history of time, and when it comes to the vocabulary, it follows exactly the exact same heritage. Germany is the country that frightens the planet with innovations in automation, cars, and other technologies.

Oct 26, 21 4:50 am  · 

Is TU Berlin's M.Arch NCARB accredited? 

Oct 26, 21 10:08 am  · 

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