Need help for going into architecture field.

Hey guys
Currently, I am serving as a soldier to complete duty in South Korea.
My problem is that I am struggled to get into architecture field.
I graduated from Univ. of Buffalo as an Environmental Design and minors with arch. and arts.
I had always interested in Architecture since I was a child and still do.
But it is hard to making it sure to myself.
In my free time, I read some books of arch. and search some arch. projects and portfolios from issuu or behance. But it is hard to develop my architectural ideas and thoughts on my sketch books as long as I am not allow to use computer programs in my troop (I feel very lazy at sketching).
Is there anyone give me realistic and advices?
Sep 23, 18 6:18 am

Are you allowed to build models in your troop?

Sep 24, 18 6:31 am

It's possible to build them in troop.

Non Sequitur

using the computer is lazy. get used to that sketch book.

Sep 24, 18 8:19 am

Thanks I appreciate your comment.

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안녕하세요. 미국서 건축일 케바케 겠지만 박봉에 야근에 힘듭니다. 학교에서 배우고 대중에 보여지는 화려한 디자인 일도 아니구요. 경제 따라 변하는 일이라 지금은 연봉 수준 좀 높아 졌지만 경기 안 좋을 때는 짤리는 경우 많습니다. 여기 포럼만 봐도 그만 둔다는 사람이 수두룩 하고요. 더 알아보기에 좋은거는 건축 디테일, 공법, 건축코드 등 보십시요. 이쁜 건축 사진 백날 봐야 환상만 키울 뿐 거의 도움 안됩니다. 환경 전공 하셨으면 그 쪽 전망이 좋은걸로 알고있는데 생각 잘 해보시고 좋은 결정 하시길 바래요 :)

Sep 24, 18 11:04 am

suks, my korean comment has been deleted so here's a English version.

I'm Korean, been working in nyc for about 4 years. Do you really want to work in architecture field? It is low pay, long hours, and high stress. Sketching and modeling are good for students in schools. They are great but the chance is that they are not the critical skills employers look for. And if you are looking at pretty building photos and feel butterflies in your stomach, and if that's what you think you will be doing, forget it. Architecture is not so rosy as it seems on media or as what they teach you at schools. You said 'architectural ideas and thoughts', but there's really very little room for that once you start working in an office. If you  want to get a job in architecture, look into building details, codes, and learn CAD, Rhino, Sketchup, and Revit. Some people I know here are getting ripped off by architects who take advantage of foreigners with no visa. They will make you work like a dog and hold your pay. Some people end up going to good firms and get a H1, but the pay is still low relative to most of jobs that require a college degree. So think carefully before you choose and do an internship if you can once you are done with military service. If you want to ask me anything further let me know.

Sep 26, 18 4:27 pm

Your English version requires much more lines...


Thanks for your comment, I have emailed you.

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