2 in 1 Laptop/Tablets for Architecture School?

August F.

I'm about to go off to undergrad, and I'm trying to figure out what my best move for a computer is. I already have a desktop I built sophomore year that can do heavy lifting (i5, 16gb RAM, GTX 1060), but I obviously can't carry my tower into the classroom, so I'm going to need a laptop. Normally, I would just get a solid workstation laptop, but I'm now considering how much it would help me to get one of those new 2 in 1 laptops that can turn into a tablet for drawing. Do you think that the ability to draw on screen would ever come up in my classes or be useful? Let me know what you think.

Sep 22, 18 5:41 pm

this gets asked at least once a week. 

Why would you ever want to draw on a screen that’s gimmicky 

Sep 22, 18 6:08 pm  · 

You have not specified what you will be studying in your undergrad, but assuming architecture, it might be useful for some computer generated drawings that are not technical in nature (a simple pencil and paper would suffice anyways). Although, if you want a laptop buy a laptop, if you want a tablet buy a tablet, as each device will be better at what it does than a mash up of both. 

Sep 22, 18 7:34 pm  · 

Have you considered an ipad pro? It could be really useful in the drawing aspect you spoke about

Sep 28, 18 7:22 pm  · 

surface 2

Sep 28, 18 11:37 pm  · 

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